The PxCx EP

by Thulsa Doom

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After 15 years, Thulsa Doom hit the studio to blast out this brutal 4-track EP. Written and recorded by the original line-up, this EP delivers an honest outlook on punk today with dual vocals and shredding guitar licks. This EP is available on vinyl as a split-label release from the following DIY labels: Rotten to the Core Records, False Cause Records, Riotous Outburst Records and Sit & Spin Records.


released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Thulsa Doom New York, New York

Thulsa Doom rose from the NY hardcore punx scene in the late 90's and disbanded after a short two years. During their decade long hiatus Thulsa Doom's music maintained it's place in the DIY punx scene allowing for a smooth return in 2011. Fast forward to 2014 and Thulsa Doom is back to deliver serious in-your-face punk rock with all original line-up and new brutal tracks. ... more

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Track Name: Government Pizza
we want another pizza pie
we want another pizza pie
we want another pizza pie
we want another pizza pie
we want another pizza pie
we want another pizza pie
some for you, some for me
more than 30 min delivery, IT'S FREE!!!

i don't care about your system
your bullshit theocracy
we just wanna keep our habits
drink some beers and catch some Z's
we stand up for the oppressed
the lactose intolerant
they try to silence our Sicilian chant
"don't eat this and don't eat that"
pizza is our prison, it's our tragedy
you try and take my slice and I'll cut you with my knife
we don't wanna live in a world with no

i know you've heard it all before
starving kids at the pizza store
controlling lives and spreading hate
what they fucking regulate?
anchovy minority, pepperoni hypocrisy
how can you really feel free
with a hand up your ass all the time??
pizza is our 'schism, it's our identity
that's all for today and there's nothing left to say
we don't want to live in a world with no
Track Name: Stick to Being Rich
self-absorbed bullshit is so easy to sell
especially when their sleeve looks so crusty
they're failing at succeeding when the object is failure
they're getting their slice of the dream
i just wanna stand up in front all you fucks
and scream FUCK!! FUCK YOU!!
i wouldn't be so pissed if they didn't act like shitheads
they're duping the crowd and they're duping themselves
they're, they're gonna stick to being rich
they don't care, they advertise their compromise
that's why they're gonna stick to being rich
we're, we're gonna stick to being this
got no choice, we have our guns we're gonna stick to them
damn right! we're gonna stick to being this

"this" is what we are and "this" is what we'll be
but it's better than being an asshole
i'm proud of where i stand and i know i comprehend
that "punk rock politics" are no walk in the park
i just want somebody to stand up and say please... PLEASE!!!
i know you're in a band but you work for uncle sam
you don't have to lie about your lifestyle
Track Name: Reigning Bullshit
we've got something against you
we've got something against you
we've got something against you
we'll prove you wrong

you've sucked our empathy bone dry
you've sucked our empathy bone dry
you led us straight into a lake of bullshit

we've got something against you
we've got something against you
we've got something against you
you're fucking wrong

when the earth begins to shake
when the bottom's not the end
when the web of tape gets tangled up and can't be cut for shit

34 years I've been giving a fuck
the foot on my head shoves my face in the mud
our cords get cut while you sip on your 'bucks
protesting something but they don't know what
don't wanna call you out but that's what i do
don't know if you're listening but we wanna say
Track Name: Pretentious Cunts
There are people who want to tell you-
how to live your life, how to think, how to act
these people call themselves punk
i call them fucking posers

every person has their own way of living their own life
who the fuck are you to say that I'm not punk enough
it's not for everyone- way of life

"who's fucking punk?" they think as they look around the room
don't fucking ask me, I don't make these fucking rules

Oi! Oi! Oi! they all fucking chant
but they haven't got a clue
just because you can dress a part
doesn't always make it true
who would have thought that these problems would continue
even after we've all grown older
censoring the way that we dance will get you a lot
more than you bargained for
it's not for everyone- way of life

if you think you have something to prove
fucking forget about it
then what the fuck are you doing here
fucking forget about it

i never, after all these years thought that these shitheads would still pop up every two fucking seconds!!!!!!

fuck that! it's clear
that the scene police will always be here
I'm not mad if they're queer
i just wonder what the trend will be next year
politics have their place
but you can't fight fascism with fascist ways
i'm not gonna sit and complain
but if I don't take action then there's no one to blame